Tachometer KIMO CT110

Measure RPM and associated parameters with ease with KIMO’s CT110, a dual-function contact and non-contact tachometer!

This unit is supplied as standard with both an optical tachometry probe and a tip for contact measurements. As it can do both measurement types, the KIMO CT110 can be used in applications where a standard contact tachometer couldn’t be used, allowing you to measure safely.
KIMO’s CT110 tachometer can measure RPM (using the optical mode) from 0 to 60,000 RPM. In the contact mode, it can measure in RPM, m/min, ft/min, in/min and m/s across a range from 0 to 20,000RPM.
There’s also a HOLD function included on the CT110 (freezes the current display temporarily), the ability to display MAX/MIN values taken over a period of time and this tachometer also has a built-in backlight and configurable automatic shutdown.

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    • Dual capabilities – both a contact and a non-contact tachometer
    • Contact mode – uses a light beam from a diode which is reflected by a rotating mirror located inside the probe head. A light sensitive cell detects the frequency of the signal of the beam which is proportional to the rotation speed
    • Optical (non-contact) mode – a light beam is emitted from the diode of the probe and is reflected by a piece of reflective tape (included) on the measured elements. A light-sensitive cell detects the beam and translates it in frequency signal which is proportional to the tape rotation speed
    • Optical mode measures in RPM only with measurement range from 0 to 60,000RPM
    • Contact mode measures in RPM, m/min, ft/min, in/min or m/s with range from 0 to 20,000RPM
    • HOLD function freezes current values shown on the screen
    • Display the MAX/MIN measurements taken over a period of time
    • Configurable automatic shutoff
    • Backlit LCD screen
    Measuring Units Measuring Range Accuracy Resolution
    Optical Tachometer
    RPM 0 to 60,000 RPM From 60 to 10,000 RPM: ±0.3% of reading ±1rpm
    From 10,001 to 60,000RPM: ±30
    Contact Tachometer
    RPM, m/min, ft/min, in/min, m/s From 0 to 20,000 RPM From 30 to 20,000RPM: ±1% of reading ±1RPM 1RPM
    General Specifications
    Measuring Elements Optical: optical detection (phototransistor sighting distance: max 40cm)
    Contact: ETC adaptor for optical tachometry probe
    Display 4 lines, LCD technology. Size: 50 x 36mm
    2 lines of 5 digits with 7 segments (value)
    2 lines of 5 digits with 16 segments (unit)
    Cable Coiled, length: 0.45m. Extension: 2.4m
    Housing ABS
    Protection: IP54
    Keypad 5 keys
    Conformity Directives CEM 2004/108/CE and NF EN 61010-1
    Power Supply 4 x AAA, LR03, 1.5V batteries
    Ambience Neutral gas
    Operating Temperature From 0 to +50°C
    Storage Temperature -20 to +80°C
    Automatic Shutoff Adjustable from 0 to 120 minutes
    Weight 190g


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