Pressure measurement Extech 406800

Low range (0 to 5psi), High Resolution (0.001psi) Gauge/Differential Pressure meter

Offering 11 selectable units of measure, the HD750 Differential Pressure Manometer can serve as a low range/high resolution Gauge or provide Differential Pressure up to 0 to 138.3 in. H2O (inches of water). Max/Min recording and Relative time stamp are useful features, as are HD750’s Data Hold and Auto Power Off functions. The 5psi HD750 also features Zero function for offset correction or measurement and a built-in USB interface. Comes complete with 9V battery, software with USB cable, AC Adaptor, connection hose, built-in stand, and hard carrying case.

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    • Two models to choose from:
      – Model PQ3350-1 (1200A 12″ flexible current clamp probes)
      – Model PQ3350-3 (3000A 24″ flexible current clamp probes)
    • Flexible clamp probes can be used for wrapping around bus bars and wire bundles
    • Large backlighting LCD displays up to 35 parameters in one screen
    • Clamp-on True RMS power measurements with on-screen Harmonics display
    • Simultaneous display of Harmonics and Waveform
    • Display of Waveform with Peak Values (1024 samples/period)
    • Analysis of Total Harmonic Distortion (THD-F)
    • Maximum Demand (MDkW, MW, kVA, MVA) with programmable period
    • Adjustable CT ratio (1 to 600) and VT ratio (1 to 3000)
    • Graphic Phase diagram with 3-Phase system parameters
    • 3-phase Voltage or Current Unbalanced Ratio (VUR, VIR) and Unbalanced Factor (d0%, d2%)
    • Calculated Unbalanced Current through Neutral Line (In)
    • Capture 28 Transient events (including Dip, Swell and Outage) with programmable threshold (%)
    • Optically isolated USB interface with software to download Waveforms, Power Parameters and Harmonics
    Specifications Range (Max Resolution)
    psi 5psi (0.001psi)
    inH₂O 138.3inH₂O (0.1inH₂O)
    mbar 344.7mbar (0.1mbar)
    kPa 34.47kPa (0.01kPa)
    inHg 10.18inHg (0.01inHg)
    mmHg 258.5mmHg (0.1mmHg)
    ozin² 80ozin² (0.01ozin²)
    ftH₂O 11.53ftH₂O (0.01ftH₂O)
    cmH₂O 350.1cmH₂O (0.1cmH₂O)
    kgcm² 0.351kgcm² (0.001kgcm²)
    bar 0.344bar (0.001bar)
    Basic Accuracy ±0.3%FS
    Dimensions/Weight Meter: 8.2×2.9×1.9″ (210x75x50mm)/ 9.8oz (280g)
    • HVAC
    • Fume Hoods
    • Pneumatic controls
    • Hydraulics
    • Medical equipment
    • Clean rooms

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