A manometer is a pressure meter for gases and liquids that has two ports, which can read pressure relative to atmospheric and also differential pressure.

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* Dual & differential input, 7000 mbar
( 7 bar ) maximum range.
* Application : Industrial, laboratory,
heating, ventilation, medical hospital,
used for air or not corrosive and not
ionized gas & liquid.
* Sensor is built inside the housing.
* Single lugs for pipe connection.
* 8 kind display units ( mbar, psi,
Kg/cm^2 mm Hg, inch Hg, meter H20,
inch H20, Atmosphere ) select by push
button on the front panel
* Records max. & min. readings.
* Zero button on the front panel, easy to
offset the zero value.
* Data Hold.
* RS232 PC serial interface, can match
the personal computer used as the
Data Logger, Recorder…. and other
modern pressure measuring system.

Circuit Microprocessor LSI circuit. Power off Auto shut off, saves battery life, or
Display 61 mm x 34 mm supper large LCD manual off by push button.
display. 15 mm ( 0.6″ ) digit size. Sampling time Approx. 0.8 second.
Display units mbar, psi, Kg/cm^2, mm/Hg, inch/HgOperating 0 to 50 ( 32 to 122 ). ℃ ℉
meter/H2O, inch/H2O, Atmosphere. temperature
Function Dual & differential input, data hold, Operating Less than 80% R.H.
zero/relative, memory. humidity
Zero adjust Push button on the front panel. Power supply 006P DC 9V battery(heavy duty).
Span adjust Push button gain adjustment, usage Power current Approx. DC 8.5 mA.
for calibration precisely if necessary. Weight 345 g/0.76 LB
Sensor * Sensor is built inside the housing. Dimension 180 x 72 x 32 mm
* Piezoelectric sensor. ( 7.1 x 2.8 x 1.3 inch )
* Used for dry, non-corrosive and Accessories * Instruction manual…………. 1 PC.
non-ionic air and gas only. included * Hard carrying case………….. 1 PC.
* Liquid is prohibited. Optional * Data acquisition software
Data hold By push button. accessories ( Windows version ),
Data record Record maximum & minimum SW-U801-WIN
readings. * RS232 cable, UPCB-01
Data output RS 232 PC serial interface.

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