Infrared thermometer kimo KIRAY 100

Infrared thermometer KIRAY 100 with dual laser sighting is a key tool to diagnose, inspect and check any temperature, with the advantage of using “no-contact” technology. You can safely measure surface temperatures of hot objects, dangerous or difficult to access. Perfect tool to take temperature in a house, a garage, a workshop, an office, a car, a kitchen etc…

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    Kimo KIRAY 100 Features

    • Measuring range: -50 to 800 degree C
    • Pre-set emissivity: 0.95
    • Adjustable emissivity range: 0.10 to 1.0
    • 20:1 Optical
    • Visible/audible High and low alarm
    • Weighs 180 grams
    • Power supply – 9 Volt alkaline battery
    • Back-lighted LCD display
    • Indicates low battery
    • Carrying case
    • User manual
    • Meets Electromagnetic compatibility: EN 50081-1 and EN 50081-2
    Kiray 100 Technical Features
    Spectral response 8 – 14 µm
    Optical D.S : 20:1 (13 mm at 260 mm)
    Temperature range From -50 to +800°C
    Accuracy* From -50 à +20°C : ±2.5°C
    From +20 to +300°C : ±2% of reading ±2°C
    From +300°C to +800°C : ±2% of reading
    Infrared repeatability From -50 to +20°C : ±1.3°C
    From +20 to +800°C : ±0.5% or ±0.5°C
    Display resolution 0.1°C
    Response time 150 ms
    Emissivity. Adjustable from 0.10 to 1.0 (pre-set at 0.95)
    Indication for over range   « —- »   Display indication
    Dual laser sight Wave length from 630 – 670 nm Output < 1mW, Class 2 (II)
    Negative or Positive temp. indication Auto (no indications for positive temperature)
    (-) sign for a negative temperature
    Display Four digits w/ LCD backlit
    Auto-extinction Automatic after 7 seconds of inactivity
    High/low alarm Flashing signal on display and beep signal with adjustable thresholds Power
    supply. Alkaline 9V battery
    Autonomy 105 h (inactive laser and backlight) 20 h (active laser and backlight)
    Use temperature From 0 to +10°C for a short period
    From +11 to +50 °C for a long period
    Storage temperature From -10°C to +60°C
    Relative humidity From 10 to 90%HR in operating mode and > 80%RH in storage
    Dimensions 145 x 95 x 40 mm
    Weight 180 g (included battery)

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