Gas leak detector kimo FG 110

– Easy to use
– Indication of gas leaking in ppm, %vol
or %LEL
– Hold-min-max function
– Adjustable back-light

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    Measuring element semiconductor sensor
    Display 4 lines, LCD technology. Sizes 50 x 36 mm
    2 lines of 5 digits with 7 segments (value)
    2 lines of 5 digits with 16 segments (unit)
    Probe Flexible, 300 mm
    Housing ABS, protection IP54
    Keypad 5 keys
    European directives 2014/30/EU EMC ; 2014/35/EU Low Voltage ;
    2011/65/EU RoHS II ; 2012/19/EU WEEE
    Power supply 4 batteries AAA LR03 1.5 V
    Autonomy 20 houres
    Ambience Neutral Gas
    Conditions of use
    (°C, %RH, m)
    From 0 to +50 °C. In non condensing conditions.
    From 0 to 2000 m.
    Storage temperature From -20 to +80 °C
    Auto shut-off Adjustable from 0 to 120 min
    Weight 295 g

    All the accuracies indicated in this technical datasheet were stated in laboratory conditions, and can be guaranteed for measurements carried out in the same conditions, or carried out
    with calibration compensation
    %LEL : is the limiting concentrations of gas (in air) that is needed for the gas to ignite and
    Example for CH4 gas : 100%LEL = 5%vol
    %VOL : is the concentrations of gas (in air) expressed in percentage of volume in air.
    Example for CH4 gas : 1%vol = 10 000 ppm
    Measurement units Measurement range
    in CH4
    Accuracy1 Resolution
    From 0 to 10000 ppm
    From 0 to 1% vol
    0 to 20%LEL
    20% of full scale
    1 ppm
    0.001% LEL

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